What is off grid set up ?

*Off Grid set Up is an stand alone solar power installation using battery as an storage w/c can be used later to power your loads. The DC power from battery can used directly to to a 12V/24V DC Appliances or can be converted to an AC power as in the power from your outlet thru the use of power inverter.

What is on grid (Grid Tie) set up ?

 *Grid Tie (On Grid) Solar Power Set up is a system that is Tied (Connected) to the Commercial Power in order to produce its own power from the solar panels. Commercial power and Grid Tie will work together to supply the loads connected. Grid Tie will supply first the customer loads, if not sufficient, commercial power will help to fill the needed power (ex. Solar Power: 500w,  Load: 600W, thus commercial power will supply 100w to customer.)

What hybrid set up:

*Hybrid Solar Power Set up is a system that is combination of Grid Tie and Off Grid.

 Advantage/s of On Grid Set up:

*You can still have power even during brown out for selected loads.

*Can supply your day time loads if there is an excess power.

*Can lower your electric bills

How much can I save?

*Depending on the Load Profiles of the customer, Day time loads like commercials are recommended to use the Grid Tie solar set up to take advantage of the power generated in consonance with their loads. Thus power generated by the Grid tie will most likely be used by the commercial user. For 1Kw system, during sunny days, it can generate  3.5-5kwh/day. For Baguio weather, we assume the lowest narvest 0f 3.5kwh/day. Thus for 10kw system, 10kw x 3.5kwh/kw=35kwh/day, for 30 days, 35x 30= 1050kwh/month savings.

*For Off Grid user, there is no savings for this set up since, whatever you save will be used to buy the battery later

How many years before I can recover my investment?

*For Grid Tie/Hybrid user, you can simply divide your Total Investment cost against the estimated monthly savings. More likely 6-7 years. For the 8th year, you have already fully recovered the capital investment, thus enjoying your FREE power from you solar system.

*For Off Grid user, return of investment is not guaranteed since you have the battery to replace every 1-2 years. Only the convenience of having power during brown out is your reward.

Can the solar roof mount solar panel withstand typhoon

*Solar modules and mounting frames are designed to withstand wind loads/velocity of 212km/hr.

How long this set up last?

*Solar panels are designed to last for 25 years with guaranteed output power not less than 80% for the 1st 10 years.

Battery will last for 5 or more years if used for back up only during brown out. But if used in daily basis, it will only last up to 1-2 years depending on how you Deep discharged the battery. If you abuse the battery, not even it will reach 6 month period. Power Inverter will last up to 8-10 years if maintained properly. No overloading, not exposed to direct sunlight, heavy dust, rain, moisture, etc.

During system failure, what we will do?

*We will conduct orientation and familiarization aside from the Emergency Procedures and Manuals. If ever that you need our assistance, you can take pictures of the system, display errors and send to our FB or email for us to be able to evaluate w/o physically there. We will guide you what to do. In the event of total failure, we will respond and conduct testing and troubleshooting to your system.


What are all the advantages of solar street lighting ?

Solar lighting is safe and environmentally friendly since they do not require external power supply. There is no wiring required and installation is very easy. It is suitable for use in remote areas and location near water. And they run cost free; you do not have to worry about electricity bills.

What are all the basic principles of solar lighting ?

Solar modules transform the solar energy into electricity, controlled and protected through the controller, convert the electrical energy into chemical energy and store in batteries. When use the electricity, the battery transform chemical energy into electrical energy for the DC-load use, or invert it into AC through the inverter for AC load. The battery and device stop working only when the battery runs out of electricity due to no solar radiation for a very long time.

What are all the components of Solar Street lighting system ?

The components of solar lighting system mainly include solar panels, solar controller, battery, light source, light pole and lamp shell, and some have to configure the inverter.

How long will solar lights run at night ?

Solar lights need direct sunlight. The more sunlight received during each day, the longer the light will operate that night. Since solar lights are powered entirely by the sunlight they receive each day, operating times will vary by specific location, daily weather conditions, and season. Many of our solar lights can run for up to 8-10 hours. As a general rule, solar lighting performs better during the summer months mainly because the longer and sunnier days enable a full charge to be achieved. Adverse weather and short winter days do affect performance, as charge times are reduced in relation to hours of daylight and the strength of the light.

What happens if there are cloudy days?

Electrical energy is stored in the battery each day, and some of that energy is used to operate the light at night. Generally, your system is design so that the battery will operate the light for three-five nights without charging. This means that, even after a series of cloudy days, there will be plenty energy in the battery to power the light each night. Also, the solar panel will continue to charge the battery (although at a reduced rate) even when it is cloudy.

How does the light know when to turn on and turn off?

The solar controller uses a photocell and/or timer to control when the light will turn on, when the sun goes down, and to turn off when the sun comes up. The photocell detects when the sun comes down and when the sun comes up again.

Do I need charger for my Batteries ?

The batteries in your solar units are charged by the sunlight through the solar panel. The batteries must be charged properly prior to first use. Turn the switch to the off position and place the solar light in direct sunlight for 3 to 4 consecutive sunny days.

What type of Bulb does my solar light use ?

We utilize the latest L.E.D. (Light Emitting Diode) on our solar lights.

What Kind of maintenance does it requires ?

No maintenance is required except for an occasional wiping of the solar panel to keep it free of dust, dirt, debris, or snow to allow the batteries to charge properly for optimum performance.

Will the rain water affect the module ?

Modules are fixed in the open since they have to face the sun. But rain water will not affect the working of the module, since the actual conversion of sunlight into electricity is done by the solar cells placed inside the module which is sealed and made water proof.

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