We Are Your Dedicated Business Partner!​

We’re passionate about providing you with solutions tailored specifically to your business needs. By offering you new business opportunities, nowadays as technology evolves new business also arises, we help you maximize the growth of your business. It’s often far more cost-effective to start your own business rather than working as an employed office worker, as this allows you to focus on your growth and execution of core business elements.

With growing concern over the effects of global climate change in the Philippines highlighted by the brutal onslaughts of typhoons “Ondoy” and “Pepeng”, the founders, who are also environmentalists, established KBWORLD TRADING CORP.  in 2011 as a vehicle to pursue the mainstream utilization of eco-friendly solar photovoltaic “PV” products and water filtration system in the Philippines.

KBWORLD TRADING CORP. aims to be the solution provider to renewable energy products and clean water filtration systems to every Filipino household.



For the Philippines to become a 100% energy independent country through the use of solar and other renewable energy sources


To provide cutting-edge products, services for renewable energy and water filtration systems.


Passion: We believe that what we are doing is great work and our work is fueled by our passion.

Excellence: We work with the highest standards of excellence and perform to the very best of our capacity.

Perseverance: There is always a solution for every challenge, and we will stop at nothing until we find the answer.

Social Awareness: We understand the plight of our fellow Filipinos who do not have access to energy and water treatment that will help them, one household at a time.

Integrity: We conduct our work with honesty, transparency and integrity.


Metrics-driven Performance​

If we can't track and measure, then we can't tell you how well we are doing and this is key to showing you value.


Effective technologies are the key to ensuring success.

Client chameleons​

When we work with clients, we make sure we emulate every part of the integration you already have with your customers.

Focused on results​

We care about the results of our work as much as we care about getting paid for them.


We want to build a small number of special clients we can grow with over time.

Quality Work

We make sure we get it right


We suggest what’s right for our clients, not the things that will make us the most money.


We always treat our clients with respect and integrity.

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